Experience the Flavours

Rhoda Cocoa creates unique tasting experiences that delight all the senses. The best attributes of premium quality single origin chocolate are enhanced by exceptional and expertly paired flavour combinations featuring decadent fruits, nuts and handmade confections.

Marvel in the unexpected meeting of sustainably-sourced South American chocolate with the likes of spices, morello cherries, caramel sprinkles and crystallized ginger. These are just some of the flavours your senses will delight in while enjoying a Rhoda Cocoa chocolate bar.  


These are not your ordinary bars of chocolate. Rhoda Cocoa’s exquisite range of handmade, unusually flavoured chocolate bars will surprise and delight your senses. Each bar is made in small batches so freshness and attention to detail are guaranteed.  

The same dedication to quality and care is upheld in the preparation of the handmade confections. The Rhoda Cocoa kitchen remains busy producing the caramelised pecans, sweet and salty honeycomb and caramel sprinkles which adorn the various bars. This ensures that your entire experience of Rhoda Cocoa is handcrafted from start to finish by a chocolatier who knows how to generate pleasure and delight through a bar of chocolate.


From a kitchen close to the sea in County Wicklow, Ireland, chocolatier Rhoda Kirwan creates fanciful and luxurious flavour combinations that bring out the best in the single origin chocolate she works with.

Rhoda’s unique ideas for chocolate creations are entirely her own. She turns to natural and handmade techniques of chocolate making to bring these ideas to life. Rhoda also crafts her bars with ideas of how each can slip into the routine of the everyday to create a moment of delight.