About Rhoda

What first drew me to making chocolate was more than the intention to craft pleasure for the palette, but also the opportunity to express my creativity, a part of myself which has always been very important. Nearly all of my professional life has been rooted in creativity, from my work in the fashion industry to managing teams in a multimedia company. When I was ready to take the next step in my journey I knew whatever I chose, it would have to be an endeavour imbued with creativity. I’ve always liked working with food, an interest which lead me to complete several cookery courses, but the thought of running my own food company had yet to occur to me.  

The concept of Rhoda Cocoa started innocently enough. One Christmas, instead of buying presents for my loved ones, I gave everyone my own handmade chocolates. Truth be told, I was looking for a way to save money during the season, not the next step in my career. Imagine my surprise when friends started asking to purchase my chocolate to give as presents for Valentine’s Day and Easter. I had always loved tasting chocolate, and the mini-production run I did for my friends proved I loved working with chocolate just as much. The path was laid before me. I took the next step and trained as a chocolatier.

My chocolate bars are truly a labour of love. Each one is developed through long periods of experimentation and testing during which time I seek to create a bar with a luxurious taste and mouthfeel. Creating the infusions and toppings that complement and enhance the flavours of the chocolate I work with allows for the creativity I need to be happy. I think everyday should be marked with a moment of delight, I find mine through crafting the chocolate bars which I hope will lead to yours.