Rhoda Cocoa
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Your Daily Moment Of Delight

Handcrafted single origin chocolate bars featuring unique and luxurious flavour combinations to awaken your senses and create a moment of delight in your day.


Award Winning Chocolate 


An incredible chocolate experience awaits you. But don’t just take our word for it! Rhoda Cocoa has been honoured with a total of six Blas na hEireann Awards and two Great Taste Awards. Read More…


Made in small batches so freshness and attention to detail are guaranteed  


It all started in a kitchen close to the sea in County Wicklow, Ireland


Rhoda Cocoa creates unique tasting experiences that delight all the senses

Honeycomb and Roasted Peanut

A long soak and a good read. When is the last time you treated yourself to that incomparable pairing of a bath and a book? It doesn’t matter, since it can never be enjoyed often enough. To maximize the moment’s indulgence, include Rhoda Cocoa’s irresistible Honeycomb and Roasted Peanut chocolate bar, sweet and salty at its best.


How to Experience Rhoda Cocoa

Rhoda cocoa is a chocolate experience for all the senses. Just look at the bars, strewn and studded with natural ingredients for a gorgeous presentation.

Now inhale the bar’s aroma of rich cocoa and its accompanying ingredients. Freshly made caramelised pecans, hand blended spices and vibrant berries are just some of the fragrances which will greet you in the Rhoda Cocoa range.

Now take that first bite. Did you listen to the snap of the chocolate as it breaks? Or is it the crunch of a nut, a caramel sprinkle or a honeycomb that catches your attention?  

Now the best part, notice the tastes of the flavour fusions as they perfectly intermingle on your palette.

We’re not done yet. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth to fully enjoy the velvety mouthfeel it leaves behind. You’ve never experienced chocolate like this.


Tasted the Salted Peanut and honeycomb today totally Divine. Now officially my favourite chocolate ever. Can't wait to try more flavours. Wonderful chocolate Rhoda ❤️

Sinead Gillen

LOVED the Pistachio, Morello Cherries & Spices chocolate - we've been trying out a few artisan chocolate makers lately and this was head and shoulders above the others we've tasted. Brilliant combination of flavours, very delicately balanced.

Frank Prendergast

About Rhoda

What first drew me to making chocolate was more than the intention to craft pleasure for the palette, but also the opportunity to express my creativity, a part of myself which has always been very important. Nearly all of my professional life has been rooted in creativity, from my work in the fashion industry to managing a multimedia company. When I was ready to take the next step in my journey I knew whatever I chose, it would have to be an endeavour imbued with creativity...